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The Flyerzone guide to surviving the office secret santa

Surviving secret Santa

It’s that time of December, the secret santa hat got passed around and you’ve pulled out the name of someone you met once purely because you both tried to use the same door at the same time to travel in opposite directions.

If your secret Santa is anything like the Flyerzone secret Santa, where, after everyone has opened their gifts they have to guess who bought it then there’s the additional “What will people think when they see I bought that?” alongside the usual “what if I offend them?”.

So, how to survive the office Secret Santa:


don't panic

There’s no need to panic, or go all mission impossible sneaking through their desk like a ninja elf (that’s probably covered by a privacy law somewhere, so stay out of that desk!).

You’re probably expecting me at this point to suggest buying them a set of 100 A6 flyers of that family photo on their desk delivered exactly when you want it due to our adjustable delivery dates, and you could, they’d be able to have that photo everywhere they go which would be awesome.

Ok, perhaps not this time.

2) Get to know your colleagues a bit more

Get to know your colleagues

You go to draw a name and end up getting someone you rarely speak to, let alone see on a daily basis. So what do you do? These are people you work alongside, perhaps this is an opportunity to have a catch up with them or get to know them a bit more over a coffee, you never know, they might also share a love of Meatloaf.

3) Relax and have some fun

Surviving secret Santa

The real trick is not to think too much about it. You’re not aiming to buy them their favourite present of the year. While a bottle of wine will almost always be appreciated, it’s a bit boring. Putting a little bit of thought into your gift is part of the fun. If you’ve got children you could get them involved to help you choose – you’re also able to shift the blame when your boss asks why you bought Darren from accounting a NERF gun.

4) Stick to the budget

Surviving secret Santa

You might be tempted to blow the budget for that super special something out of desperation of what to get. Do not do this, even if you get the boss or your best friend. If the limit is £10, don’t spend more than £10. Part of the fun of secret is finding something thoughtful or at the very least suitable within the budget and it’s only fair that everyone plays by the rules.

5) Don’t be disappointed

Surviving secret Santa

Remember, it’s just a bit of fun where no one gets left out. Don’t take it too seriously but, just incase your colleagues haven’t read our guide or did infact get you 1,000 business cards with that photo on your desk printed on them you might want to have a quick practice of your ‘not disappointed’ face. Try channeling Leonardo DiCaprio – he’s well practiced with 5 Oscar nominations and zero wins.

Relax, enjoy and have a laugh. It also helps to plan ahead so you’re not sitting at your desk fingers and toes crossed (it’s hard to type like this) hoping that the postman delivers your present with enough time for you to wrap it.

Speaking of planning ahead, now is a great time to arrange flyers, leaflets and business cards for delivery early in the New Year.


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