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Making yourself or your company memorable

Most large businesses have a strapline, tagline or slogan that helps their brand stick in a potential customer’s mind, for example Nike has used “Just do it” for a number of years, to the extent that their name doesn’t actually have to appear on their advertising, just their ‘swoosh’ logo and “Just do it” is enough for you to know who is being advertised.
Slogan examples
We’ve collected a list of 10 as a challenge to see if you can name the brand it is associated with,

1, Good things come to those who wait
2, The car in front is a ……..
3, Every little helps
4, Hit the Hut
5, The world’s local bank
6, Think different
7, Vorsprung durch Technik
8, Power is nothing without control
9, Because you’re worth it
10,We scare, because we care

Some of the above relate directly to what the brand or product offers, others aren’t so literal in their relation to the product.

Answers to the above on Monday, no googling now :)

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