How to videos

It's easier than you think

We want your experience of Flyerzone to be as stress free as possible. So here's a selection of useful videos that might help you get to grips with how to create fantastic designs for Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards and a whole lot more, all online.

You'll find thousands of designs that are ready made, produced by real graphic designers. But these are just a starting point for you. You can change what is already there or add new text boxes and images from our free image library.


Why design online?

Sometimes it's easier to make a start when you've got a ready made design for you to change. At Flyerzone, you've got access to thousands of professionally produced flyers, leaflets, business cards and a whole lot more that you can use as a starting point. It's quicker and way easier on your pocket.

Some useful tips

When creating your masterpiece remember these useful tips:

Don't go crazy with content. Nobody wants to read a load of text. So keep it short and make sure you leave space around the key points.

You've got 3 seconds to get your readers' attention. Imagery is a key part of that. Choose your photos wisely.