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What should you take to a craft fair?

craft fair

We’re seeing more and more craft fairs and similar events happening, and at Flyerzone we love small businesses! If you’re looking to set up your stall for the first time, you might be a bit lost as to what you need. While each stall holder’s business is different (that’s what makes these events great) some needs are the same,
It may take a couple of events trying different stall layouts and set ups before you find what works for you, but we’ve compiled some tips to get you started.

1) Keep in touch

It’s good to have a way of customers and potential customers remembering you – business cards are small and easily put in a pocket to keep, or tucked in a bag with a purchase – it should have your logo, contact details, website, facebook etc on there and perhaps a photo of your main / most popular product to jog someone’s memory at a later date.

2) Price everything

Some people will be put off by needing to ask the price, so it is always best to include a little tag next to each item. Visit an event as a customer and see what other people are doing, you will be able to gather lots of ideas for your stall. Pricing in round numbers such as £8 or £8.50 also makes it easier to give (and have enough) change.

3) Wear it,

If your items are something you can wear, do so as it shows pride in your product and people can better see what it looks like being worn. It’s also worth having a mirror to hand so customers can see how something looks on them.

4) Dress your stand

Most events will provide tables, but it’s up to you to dress them to hide coffee or felt tip stains. A fabric table cloth in keeping with your style can make a huge difference – Flyerzone sell printed table cloths so you could even have one with your own logo on it!

5) Have props,

You need a bit of height and space on your stall, and this can be achieved by using props to create a set of steps (covered in fabric to neaten it up if required) to make things towards the back of the stall easier to view. One way to do this is with old suitcases, as they add a bit of visual interest and keep smaller items together.

6) Don’t overcrowd,

While you want to have enough stock to not run out part way through the day, put out enough to show your range without over crowding. You can always top-up as items sell, too many items makes it hard to browse.

7) Be neighbourly

Get to know other stall holders, events like this can be long and occasionally have quiet moments. They may tell you of other events or help you out if you’ve forgotten something or just need someone to watch your stall while you nip to the loo!

8) Involve family

You might have children who want to help out, and it’s a great way of them learning new skills. They don’t need to know everything, but being able to answer the basic ‘how much?’, ‘Is it home-made?’, ‘do you have one in blue?’ questions means your customers receive family service without all needing to ask you.

9) Don’t forget about flyers

You might have a large product range, so you might want to give out more information into the customers. flyers are great for this as you can give information about the history of your business or product, or that you’re available to hire or just to showcase more of your products.

10) Be available,

Customers like to have your attention, but don’t want to feel watched while they browse. However everyone is different, some people will strike up a conversation, others prefer to be spoken to. Usually a polite ‘hello’ or a ‘were you looking for anything in particular’ is the middle ground.

As always you can order flyers from Flyerzone either uploading your own artwork for print or using one of our online designs:

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