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Start a conversation with your customers

Start a conversation with your customers

You’re trying to reach new customers, it’s the basic reason for producing flyers, leaflets or business cards but it’s essential that these lead to sales, it’s not rocket science.

But how do you get your print to start a conversation with your potential customers?

I’m in the process of comparing meerkats (a fantastic marketing campaign in it’s own right!) for car insurance and am faced with a choice of good quote from a company I’ve never heard of before or paying £50 more to go with a company I’ve never used but I have seen around for a number of years – if they’re still in business and well known then they must be ok, right?

When a company hasn’t heard of you before they want to know about you, who you are, what you can offer, are you capable of meeting their needs? Will you still be here in a years time when they need you again?

We see a number of flyers that are not much more than business cards with details similar to this;

“Steve’s Builders, Manchester

0800 122 3003″

Ok, so I know Steve is a builder, I know he works in the Manchester area, but does he know what he’s doing to build an extension on my house or does he specialise in smaller construction work such as garden walls, paving etc?

Steve needs to start a conversation with me; imagine I’m walking round a trade fair, steve has a stand to promote his business and greets me with “Hi, Steve’s builders, Manchester” there is the opportunity to ask questions, but I might not take the opportunity in the same way on receiving his leaflet through my door I may not call him.

If Steve were to greet me at his trade fair stand with “Hi, Steve’s builders, Manchester, we can build garages, house extensions, loft conversions or garden walls, dad started the company 12 years ago, were you looking for a builder?” Steve has started a conversation with me that has already told me the following;
Who he is,
Where he works
What he can offer
How long he’s been trading

If Steve were to put this same information onto one of Flyerzone’s simple to edit online designs and put it through my door he’s given me the information I need to know before calling him; “Hi Steve, seen your flyer, looking at getting a loft conversion done, can you come and quote?” “Hi, yep, when’s best for me to come and look?”

It saves Steve’s time too as I’ve less questions that he needs to answer.

It doesn’t just work for builders, Flyerzone have thousands of designs you can edit and order to start a conversation with your potential customers, have a think what questions you often get asked by customers, it might be worth putting the answer on your leaflet!

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David has been part of the Flyerzone team for a couple of years working on help-desk, order processing and online support.

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