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Pacific Rim tantalises fans with poster release

Many people have been asking the world of film to provide them with a movie that documents the tales of giant robots defending the world from evil - at least, they have since Michael Bay's Transformers franchise grinded to a halt. Luckily, Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro has commissioned a poster that tantalises and excites its key demographic. The film, scheduled for release in July, has generated ...

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Dental initiative uses leaflets to warn of little-known disease

A group of dental students from Plymouth have decided to work alongside local people suffering from an autoimmune disease to develop an oral health leaflet to help fight against a little-known condition. The Plymouth Herald reported on the plight of students at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, who created the flyer to warn people about Sjögren's Syndrome, an autoimmune rheum ...

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World War Z poster rebuild previous bad press over film

It was much the same with Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and many other adaptations of famous novels: the books are always better, according to fans and critics alike. Following the initial hype surrounding the adaptation of World War Z - a zombie apocalypse survivor retrospective - the famed tome has also fallen by the same sword before the film has even been released. Now, posters are on ...

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Nintendo Wii U leaflet criticised for seeming ‘desperate’

Very little has been said of the Nintendo Wii U since its release on November 30th last year. Despite its front-and-centre promotion in shops around the country, its lack of game releases - and its strange placement between two generations of consoles ahead of the much more powerful Sony PlayStation 4 - has made it seemingly hard to sell. Nintendo have tried to remedy that with a carefully-planned leaflet, ...

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Printing clothes at home – a reality by 2050?

Given that people are already widely using the internet as a means of getting hold of the latest clothing and having it delivered straight to their door, it seems like it's only a matter of time before even this process is streamlined. Well, according to the latest report from PSFK, a particularly weird invention could become a staple means of getting clothing by 2050. Explaining that clothing production is ...

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Crimestoppers anti-drug scratchcard campaign goes national

In an effort to crack down on the use of recreational drugs across the UK, a clever printing initiative has been launched by a leading independent charity, which has led to the production of scratch-and-sniff cards that recreate the smell of cannabis. PrintWeek revealed that a Crimestoppers campaign, launched this week (March 19th), will aim to curb the "growing problem" of cannabis factories in Great Brita ...

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The Times caught up in printed “journalistic nightmare”

The Times has been forced to uncomfortably admit that a news story regarding the creation of a new football league in the Middle East was a hoax - one that hit the printing presses well ahead of the information's disingenuousness being detected. The supposed Qatar-based "Dream Football League" was reported as apparently offering massive financial incentives to tempt the likes of Manchester United, other top ...

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Posters celebrate 30 years of No Smoking Day

UK charity WeQuit enjoyed the 30th anniversary of its No Smoking Day last week, and the Mirror celebrated by publishing one poster from each year of the national day of support for those looking to quit smoking. As well as a valuable message, the posters also display a fantastic timeline in design trends, ranging from bold comic book-style illustrations of the '80s and '90s to the more contemporary graphic ...

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Sussex football team earn extra followers with poster campaign

While the non-attendance of fans at local football games is hardly national news, one football team in Sussex has been featured in newspapers across the UK after the design innovations of a local artist has earned the club's poster campaign a cult following, with posters being featured in the Independent and the Sunday Times. Lewes FC, the local football club of county town and liberal arts hub Lewes, has s ...

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Gardeners – see how to get your flyers in minutes with!

3 Easy Steps to Personalised Gardeners Flyers with 1. Select your favourite from thousands of individually crafted gardeners designs. These have been put together by real designers with expert gardeners just like you in mind. 2. Use our editor to easily change fonts, colours, body text, images, and add your own logo if you have one. 3. Choose from a wide range of sizes and finishes and we†...

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