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Budding entrepreneurs and long-established organisations can now take advantage of FloZo, an easy to use, free WordPress template from Flyerzone.

This theme integrates photo and video for an enhanced user experience, and it easy to navigate using intuitive linking to incorporate blog space, image galleries and even Facebook and Twitter links.

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  • Daniel

    Tried uploading the zip file and its coming up in wordpress that “style.css” stylesheet is missing?

  • david

    hi guys – great site.
    Really need help with the page slider – I’ve seemed to have set this up, but it’s not appearing on my site?

    Can you give a guide please?


  • Ellie.Hawkins

    Hello, thanks for this feedback, will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Dave

    @Daniel – sounds like you may have uploaded the containing folder for the theme rather than the theme folder itself, try just uploading the flozo folder from within the FloZo-free folder. Failing that, try redownloading the theme and uploading to your server again (it’s possible the style.css file didn’t get uploaded)

    @David – Have you set the site up to show a static page as your home page? You need to do this and make sure your home page is using the home page template in order to have the slider show.

    Hope this helps guys, if not – give me a bit more info and I’ll see if I can help!

  • Natasha

    I’m getting the same error as above when trying to upload the theme, wordpress tells me that it can’t be performed as the zipped file is missing the style sheet file and gives up :(


  • Dom

    Hey Dave,

    i’ve also come across the same problem as david with the slider. It seems like my front page in on a static page, even though i have Blog Posts instead of Static page selected. Nothing seems to be working.

  • Steve


    I’m getting the same as Daniel – missing style.css

    Any help much appreciated.

  • Steve


    Please ignore my earlier message – I missed your instructions and it now works fine. Cheers.

  • Olly

    Is there any way of making the photos in the slider link to a certain page when clicked?

  • Krista

    Hi Ellie,

    Could you email me when you’ve fixed the stylesheet.css bug?

    Thank you

  • alejandro soljancic

    I also need help with the page slider – I set this up, but it’s not appearing on my site…

  • Austin

    This totally helped @Dave, thanks a ton

  • Gabriela

    Hello, I like your theme! Nice, really thanks, but I tried to install the theme and this message error appear : “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed.” Can you help me? Thanks again!

  • jonathan

    Great theme! Is it possible to change the Linked In to a Flickr logo? And can you tell me how to create a Our Work page like in your sample?

  • Emma

    I am trying to get the bar with the menu and dropdowns as thick as you have it, and I also cannot get the titles in the menus like you are showing in the picture for the Theme Demo. Please help. sigh.

    I have added a page, added a menu. I am just getting nothing.

  • Josh

    hi! this theme is perfect for me! but i had the same issue as David but that answered it, thanks! one last question: i can’t get the menu to line up across the top–it keeps stacking, unstyled, and left justified.

  • Josh

    Actually, I figured it out, thanks! great theme!

  • Ben

    Hi. Thanks for the great theme. I am having trouble adding to the home page a ‘call to action’ text.
    Where do you enter the text, where you have ‘This free WordPress theme will be great for your business or profession, whatever you do’ on your home page ? I have tried editing the home page title but this doesn’t work?

    Ben Allen

  • Liz

    Hi there
    I LOVE this template, busy trying to set it up for my small business.
    Also having trouble with the slider. Do the images have to be really big (quality)?
    I’ve uploaded them into the gallery, clicked on “show” to reveal options, clicked on “send to option tree”, then “insert gallery” and save changes and nothing comes up on the site. I would so appreciate some help!

  • Michael G.

    Hello Dave,

    I too am having the same problem that David is having.. I have the slider images uploaded… have the home page, and set the home page to be viewed as the home page.. also do have the ‘home page’ template selected. All as directed. The only thing that displays is a big empty spot. We can’t figure out how to have the slider display.

    Also.. is there a way to have the slider image click through to a link / another page? Thanks.

  • Muhammad Gohar

    How to enter the details on homepage between the slider and our work section.

    Amazing theme. kudos for sharing this for free. 😀

  • Derek

    Hey Dave,
    Any chance I could email you with some questions regarding the theme? It’d be great if I could get some more insight.


  • DBarly

    Hello! I’m getting the same error message Daniel was getting – that the stylesheet is missing. I tried to download the theme several times, I uploaded the folder as a zip file, I tried uploading from within the flozo-free folder…nothing worked.

    • Dave

      Hi, this is most likely a case of you uploading the wrong folder – you actually need to use the folder that is called ‘flozo’ which is inside the ‘Flozo Free’ folder.

  • dmcd

    Hi, as well as my post above I’m having some trouble with the Our Work section. The text I put in the Work posts doesn’t appear when I click through to them.

    The Work post edit section doesnt allow me to select a template for it (I presume it’s meant to use single-work.php by default but it isn’t doing this).

    I need to get this sorted asap so would appreciate a prompt reply.

  • dmcd

    @John, re: your first problem with the menu appearing as text only, I had a problem that sounds similar to yours.

    My problem was that in the template the containing ul had an ID of menu-main-menu but in the css this id was actually called just menu-main. I renamed the id in the css and the issue was sorted.

    There’s quite a few things about this theme that simply don’t seem to work and the response here leaves a fair bit to be desired. I’m almost at the point of dumping the theme and starting again tbh.

  • Nuno

    Hi there! im having the same problem with de top menu, just cheked what @dmcd said but noticed that my ul ID is correct “menu-main” in the css file. please help can’t get the menu to look like the one that is on the demo!

    • Nuno

      ignore my latest comment, i’v just figure it out! its deffinitly a UL id issue, since my WP is in portuguese so i had to change de UL id from “main-menu” to “menu-menu-principal”. worked just fine!

  • Andy

    Here are some of the fixes for the most noteworthy issues you may be experiencing:

    1. Featured Image Slider
    In the Appearance > Themes sidebar in your WP-Admin, choose ‘Customize’ for the theme. Choose ‘Static Front Page’ and select ‘A Static Page’. At this point you should have already created the page you want to be your landing page (I called mine ‘Home’ since it will show up in your Naviagtion Menu) and here is where you select that page as your ‘Front Page’. Click ‘Save & Publish’.

    Next, go to Theme Options > Home Page Slider. The Slider will not show up with only one image so upload more than one image and things will work for you.

    2. Navigation Menu not showing up as block
    As @dmcd mentioned, the ul id must be menu-main. What I found was that what you name the menu in the Appearance > Menus section will be applied to the id of the ul. ie I originally named my menu ‘Header Navigation’ so I ended up with a menu that did not resolve and the ul id of #menu-header-navigation. Simply name your first menu ‘main’ and you should be all set.

    3. Slider Image as link
    Go to Appearance > Editor and choose ‘Home Page Template’ from the Templates sidebar on the right. Insert the links after the li tags and before the img tags and close it before the p tags. ie:

    <img src=""/>
    <img src=""/>

    This seems to address most peoples issues. Setting the theme up for someone and figured since I had to work through the same problems as everyone else, I may as well document them.


    • Dave

      Thanks for your help Andy, I appreciate you taking the time out to answer some of the queries.

  • Andy

    Sorry, code didn’t come through:
    <img src="”/>
    <img src="”/>

  • Andy

    Sorry, code didn’t come through:

    <img src="”/>
    <img src="”/>

    * sorry mod

  • Ralph Meijer


    I have to say it’s a great template and I’m very happy with it. Thank you very much for sharing. Everything works great. One question though. Is there a possibility to adjust the duration of the slider? At this moment switch happens to fast for my liking. T

    Thanks a lot!

    • Dave

      Hi, this is outside of the theme’s internal controls at the moment but if you’re comfortable accessing the core files it’s in the bjqs-1.3.js file (animspeed). We may build this into the theme in a future release.

  • dmcd

    @Andy, nicely spotted on the menu fix, I was complicating things by changing the CSS.

    I don’t supppose you or anybody else had the same problem with the Our Work section I detailed above?

  • Techsticles

    FloZo needs to be unzipped and then manually uploaded to the wp-content » themes folder.


    Unzip the download. Then zip the Flozo folder inside the downloaded folder and install the WordPress way.

  • Joel

    Hey Dave, so I am getting the same “missing style.css” problem. And in both my FTP client and File Manager I can see the style.css sheet sitting on my server, however I’m still receiving the error message. Any idea of what the problem might be?

    • Joel

      Actually, my apologies, I’ve successfully uploaded it but when I activate it & all I get is the 404-Error Page Cannot Be Found message. Any ideas?

  • Dave

    In WordPress settings>reading there is an option that says Front Page Displays – choose a static page and select your home page

  • Dave

    It should be fine with just your username minus the @ symbol, please try that again, sometimes Twitter has an issue getting the feed.

  • Dave

    Hi Chris, simply create a new page called Blog (or whatever you want) and click publish. Head on over to Settings>Reading and choose the page you just created as your posts page.

  • Dave

    At the moment the columns are hardcoded into the theme, we may look at adding this to the theme’s admin panel in a future release

  • Dave

    Can you check the name of your menu? It should be Main

  • Dave

    Thanks Zane, I appreciate you helping out!

  • Dave

    Hi, sorry you’re having issues. Are you creating the work items using the custom post type?

  • dmcd

    @Dave, I created the work items in the Work section in the main dashboard menu. These items show up fine in the Our Work section of the homepage and on the work archive. It’s only when I click through to them that the problem starts – all I see is the featured image along with a post date. None of the text appears and the item heading uses a slug format (i.e. ‘this-is-a-heading’ rather than ‘this is a heading’).
    Am I doing something wrong / leaving something out?

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