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Why is branding important?

Shell logo evolution

Yesterday I updated a photo of myself on Facebook, I logged in this morning to be greeted by a comment from my older brother teasing me about having aged 5 years in 24 hours.

So, what does this have to do with your business?

Before the digital age got into full swing, your customers would meet you for the first time when you came to quote for your services or they came to your premises and they’d see you as you were that day. In the digital age we are represented by a photograph or a logo often seen by customers prior to meeting.

A photograph of yourself on your business card or marketing material can be a nice personal touch but we’d suggest updating it every couple of years.

Most design and marketing students get told the example; “If overnight everyone forgot about the Coca-Cola brand overnight the company would go bankrupt, if overnight everyone forgot what Coca-Cola tasted like not much would change”

Having a company or personal logo links your business card and your website, letter heads, marketing or even company vehicle constantly reassuring the customer they’ve found the correct place / website. Using a logo allows you to update from time to time without unsettling your customers. The slide show shows Shell’s logo updates from 1948 to their current logo (often now displayed without the Shell lettering) It’s recognisably still the same company, just with a gradual modernisation.

Having your own logo also allows you to re-design your marketing material or business cards as often as you like without alienating your customers as your logo is still present.

Many of our online designs allow you to upload your own logo so you don’t have to keep using the same design time and time again, by applying your logo you can use a design that suits a new product or service.

Of course, if you’ve got a full design already you can upload your own design for us to check and print.


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