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A guide to choosing the right paper stock

Start understanding paper options. Here is our guide to picking the perfect paper.

We have lots of different paper options for you to choose from, special uncoated paper for stationery, luxury thick card for business cards and laminated paper for leaflets and flyers. We want your printing to be fit for purpose, so here is a bunch of tips that will help you choose the right paper options.

First off, get yourself a free sample pack so you can touch and feel the different papers types we offer, email us or drop us a message on our live chat feature.

1) Think about how you’re using your print
Before uploading your files consider the type of paper you will need for your product. For example, if you are printing a letterhead the last thing you want is a gloss or coated paper. This won’t be suitable, so choose one of our uncoated stationery papers.

2) Sample packs
Keep sample packs handy, they are so useful to have in understanding which paper will work for what you have in mind.

3) Colour on paper
Different paper and card can effect how colour can turn out, however if you are unsure we can send you colour chart on different paper stocks, again drop us an email and we will send one out to you.

4) Choose the right weight
Different weights communicate different messages. When we talk about GSM, this stands for ‘Grams per Square Metre’, it’s a measurement of paper quality which allows us to be more precise than saying paper is ‘thick’, ‘thin’ or ‘kinda in the middle’. As the name suggests, this tells you how much a square metre of the paper or card you’re using would weigh.

It’s not easy to visualise a square metre of paper, so here’s a basic translation of some of the most common paperweights:

• 600gsm – A thick invite card that also works for business cards.
• 300 to 400gsm – This is a good quality for business card to be printed on as well as high end flyers.
• 250 to 280gsm – A mid-market magazine cover or a club night flyer, perfect for leafleting.
• 150 to 170gsm – A good quality promotional poster or leaflet. Something that you’d expect to last a couple of months in most conditions.
• 100gsm – Mid-Market magazine inner pages.

Before selecting your paper think about what the weight says about your design and think about it’s intended purpose, a letterhead needs to run through a printer, while thicker card can give your message credibility.

5) Value of print
Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards and printing in general, provides a direct and distinct method to promote your business and deliver a return on your marketing investment.
That’s why we’ve extended the Flyerzone range with a host of stock types and artisan finishes – to help you stand out. After all, it’s not how many flyers, business cards or leaflets you give out, it’s how many generate new leeds, new clients and simply more business for you.

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