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Poster-ception to promote new horror film

Entertainment company Lionsgate has taken poster promotion to a whole new level with its marketing campaign for new horror film You’re Next, using a subtle but chilling method of raising awareness in anticipation of the film’ release.

Posters for the movie depict one of the film’s villains in a gruesome mask wielding a weapon, with the words “you’re next” scratched underneath the image. However, rather than posting these conventionally, viewers will instead see the masked murderer looking out at them from posters from completely different movies, as if they are seeing him in the reflection of the glass.

The film itself received rave reviews after premiering at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival. The new marketing strategy can be found across New York and other chosen cities, looking out from posters for comedies The Big Wedding and Peeples – both also owned by the Lionsgate brand.

You can see more examples of the eerie posters by clicking the link above. You’re Next is due to be released on August 23 2013, and you can view the trailer here.

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