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Business cards 101: making your mark

Business cards, as we all know, are remarkably important in many people’s line of work. Whether it’s a travelling salesperson actively working, a corporate representative visiting a conference or simply just an individual who wants to keep in touch with someone they meet by chance, a business card can often act as a lifeline – and it’s important that you get yours right.

This week, online magazine Entrepreneur listed some top tips on what you need to get from your business card, focusing on simple yet easy-to-achieve ideals that you can add to your next hand-out.

It first recommended that people give their card a “purpose”. “Cards that multi-task will be seen far more frequently than your average business card,” it explains, asserting that designs may best incorporate bookmark layouts or simply provide space for note-taking.

If you’re a charitable sort, promote it. Entrepreneur recommends that you could make great social impact by letting people “know about causes that drive you”.

Finally, it’s not so much about what to put on your card, but how to give it to someone. By introducing it as a conversation starter, you may better understand where someone’s wants and needs are, the publication asserted. By mentioning when and how you will follow up a meeting, you will be in a much stronger position than simply passing it on.

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