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Leaflet designed to undermine UKIP in local elections

The resurgence of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has come as no surprise to many, as the lines between parties and their traditional allegiances on the political spectrum have become blurred with recent decisions regarding Europe, gay equality and tax. However, rivals of UKIP continue to chip away at what they see to be a party fighting for more extreme voters, and a new leaflet has emerged that does just that.

Using UKIP’s trademark purple and yellow colour scheme, a flyer titled “Are UKID ding?” – “are you kidding?” for less eagle-eyed readers – sets out to criticise a number of things that UKIP has claimed over the last few months in constituencies across the country.

Created separately by the Labour and Conservative parties in separate locations, it has been produced to stop the rolling gains of the anti-European, pro-British party – particular in light of David Miliband leaving his seat in South Shields, Tyneside.

However, bookmakers and political experts believe there will be major UKIP gains in the local elections tomorrow (Thursday May 23rd), and many commentators expect the party to pick up between 40 and 50 seats in local council elections – however successful these flyer campaigns are.

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